we're nerds through and through
(Paul prefers the term 'geek')

we do what we love, and we love what we do

Our team is composed of a bunch of hardworking, clever, creative and downright fantastic geeks. Collectively we have over 34 years of experience and we apply our knowledge carefully and creatively to every project. We work with some equally amazing people too! From large corporates to small independents, they all have something in common: a problem in need of a solution.

  • Chris Keeling

    Director / Solutions Architect

    With nearly 10 years experience working in the elearning industry, Chris is an expert in all areas of production. Starting his career as a developer, Chris has always enjoyed researching and developing new concepts. He's also worked as 'Production manager’, ‘Technical Director’ and 'Solutions Architect'. Giving him the drive to focus on efficiency and user experience.

    When not behind a computer, Chris is still trying to become a pro surfer, footballer, and Olympic marathon runner. He’s also starting to come to terms with the fact that he’ll just be ‘Daddy’ to his 2 young boys.

    “Work hard to keep things simple.”

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  • Nicky Hoyland

    Director / Solutions Architect

    Prior to forming Digital Balance Nicky worked for numerous corporates inside Learning & Development, covering a variety of roles from; instructional design, training delivery, digital learning design and digital learning system management.

    When not in work, Nicky can often be found either out running around the streets of Manchester or catching some waves somewhere on the North East or South West coast.

    “Simplicity of design, an engaging user experience and the quality of our projects is what drives me on a day to day basis.”

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  • Paul Tebbatt

    Technical Director

    Paul has had a wide and varied working history. However since graduating University in 2006 he has worked with the web technology sector from Web Development and Web Hosting to VLE/LMS management and eLearning. He also is a qualified post-16 lecturer and has experience teaching FE/HE and delivering staff development training.

    Outside of work, Paul has a love for music and regularly play gigs in his band Tribute to Nordberg and acoustically on his own. He can also be seen on the “terraces" of the King Power Stadium as well as spending days with his growing little family.

    “There isn’t much that cannot be achieved, it just takes time, hard work and imagination.”

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  • Lucy Clews

    Head of Design

    With a varied history of Illustration and Print Design, Lucy is now making new roads into the digital world. She is an advocate of ‘flat’ design but loves to experiment and obtain the right feel and solution for each individual project. She notes that the simplest of ideas are often the best no matter how complicated the journey is to achieve it!

    Outside of the DB office, Lucy can be found either doodling , crafting and creating in her studio or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, She also loves a good trek through the British countryside and is on the current hunt for a canine friend to take along with her on walks.

    “Everything in design has already been done, but it hasn’t been done by you!”

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  • Shane Baddeley


    Before joining the Digital Balance team, Shane worked for an online retailer helping to transform their online store and marketing. He enjoys both design and coding aspects of web development which allows him to see websites from both a visual and technical perspective.

    When not at the office Shane enjoys gaming, whether it be causing chaos on Grand Theft Auto or being creative and building cool stuff on Minecraft. He also enjoys watching great crime drama TV series such as Criminal Minds and Person of Interest.

    “The web is always evolving, to succeed online we need to evolve with it.”

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  • Liam Jackson


    Before joining the Digital Balance team, Liam worked for wide range of agencies specialising in bespoke web applications, ranging from games to API development.

    Away from the desk Liam can be found tearing up defences in his local 6 a-side team, in the gym or powering through Diablo 3.

    “Well begun is half done.”

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  • Adrian Clarke

    Quality Assurance Analyst

    A decade of experience in digital marketing has given Adrian a keen eye for detail as well as a good awareness of what makes a system stand out from the competition. Adrian has always strived to make sure that nothing gets signed off if it doesn’t meet his high standards and is a firm believer in that quality matters.

    Outside of the office, he enjoys his films, music and walking his pet dog. His real hobby in life is gaming; playing anything from the latest shooter to micromanaging a decade old strategy game. Adrian also enjoys a good pint of ale whilst putting the world to rights, with friends and family.

    “Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.”

    Ade profile picture
  • Dan Christofi

    Apprentice Developer

    Before joining Digital Balance, Dan worked in the signs and graphics industry for over 3 years giving him a wealth of experience and a keen eye for design.

    When not at work Dan can usually be found on his computer playing video games, illustrating or playing the piano.

    “It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

    Dan profile picture
  • Tom Woj

    Apprentice Developer

    With many years experience working as a freelance photographer and musician, Tom is eager to use his creative skillset in the fascinating field of Web Development. As an Apprentice Developer, he is keen to utilize his prior technical knowledge and creative flare to adapt to an ever advancing digital world.

    Tom is an avid swimmer, and also greatly enjoys reading about science and maths in his spare time.

    "Never stop learning.”

    Tom profile picture
  • Ella Evans

    Office Admin

    Ella is a recent Forensic Investigation graduate from Staffordshire University. Since starting with Digital Balance, she has applied her methodical skill set to organising the Digital Balance office and team.

    Outside of work Ella enjoys baking, reading and spending time with family and her two cats Loki and Luna.

    "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

    Ella profile picture
  • Emily Borg D'Anastasi

    Project Co-ordinator

    Before joining Digital Balance, Emily spent the years post university working in the field of Biological Science. Having spent two years culturing and experimenting with lung cells as a tissue-engineering research technician, she decided it was time for a change in career direction. Emily hopes to use her keen eye for detail, natural curiosity and optimism for her role with DB.

    Outside of work Emily enjoys all kinds of crafts including sewing, drawing, weaving and baking. She’s also a qualified massage therapist and takes part in therapy days to raise money for charity.

    "“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

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  • Ash Shenton

    Junior Developer

    Ash has always had a passion for computing and technology. He took the plunge last year to further his education and has now changed his career from retail to development. He thrives on getting things right and enjoys a challenge.

    Outside of work he loves spending time with his wife and going on holiday. Ash enjoys gaming, binging on Netflix and buying the latest Apple products!

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

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