by Chris Keeling on Apr 11th, 2014 in balance blog
Google glass alternatives

With the recent news that Google Glass will be released for sale to the public in the near future, albeit for only one day, I thought it may be worth to highlight a few alternatives. This is certainly not an area where Google are the only players.

Wearable technology, is creating a huge stir in the technology industry, and is likely to be the next must have product after the latest smartphone, or dare I say, instead of. The most anticipated device in the wearable technology market is wearable glasses. These smart glasses, feature some kind of visual display that sits within the users field of vision, this display acts as a HUD (heads up display) that can show the user text, video, augment data on top of the real world, and also offer visual cues. In addition to providing a display, the devices can also take photos, record video and integrate with numerous apps providing alerts and notifications. Interacting with the display varies from device, but the most commonly used control mechanisms are; voice controlled, gestures, a companion device (smartphone) and in some cases old school buttons.

Here's a list (including google's) or the key players in smart glasses.....

1) Optivent ORA

2) Vuzix M100

3) Meta Pro

4) Epson Moverio BT-200

5) GlassUp

6) ChipSiP

7) Atheer One

8) Google Glass

9) Epiphany Eyewear

10) Telepathy One

I, like so many others, am really looking forward to getting my hands on Glass, however even the one day sale is only available to residents of the United States, so I may have a little wait. In the meantime though i'm really looking forward to the Atheer One, which by far has the most exciting and well made marketing video, and if the product lives up to half of what that video portrays, then it truly will change the way I live. Pretty exciting :)

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