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With the recent release of we know that many of you are starting your debut journey. This article is intended as a quick start guide for all you new users. has a clean and easy to use interface that will allow your stakeholders, reviewers and developers to work together in harmony to get the best possible version of your next project out to users.

Using to review your elearning courses throughout development will result in the highest level of user experience in the final course as all bugs and poor user experience can be addressed in the early stages. No feedback will be missed and everyone can work together seamlessly to produce the best possible courses for your client or organisation.

Here's a few helpful tips to make sure that you get the most out of


1 Let's begin with basic navigation. 

To add comments to a slide, navigate through the module as normal.


2 When you see a change that needs to be made, it's time to add a task.

Do this by clicking the orange 'plus' icon at the bottom right of the screen.


3 Don't forget to categorise your task!

Use the drop down above the text area to choose one of the pre-assigned task categories.


4 You can add attachments too.

Click on the 'paperclip' icon to find and attach your files.


5 Don't worry if you made a typo, you can always edit your tasks!

Use the actions buttons below the task to edit them and attach more images.


6 You can also comment on existing tasks.

Hit 'reply' to add a comment.


7 Just like tasks, you can edit comments too!

Simply click on the pencil icon below your comment to edit it.


8 Open and close the sidebar as much as you need to.

Click the turquoise 'plus' to do this.


9 As the task list is completed, you can change the task status to reflect where it's up to.

Use the drop down on the top left of a task to do this.


10 By now, you've got alot of tasks I expect. It's time for filters!

You can filter tasks on any slide (or whole milestone) to see all open tasks, all actioned tasks etc. Customise the filters applied to suit your needs.


So there we are! By now you should be a reviewing master and be well on your way to uploading and reviewing your next project.

For more helpful hints and tips, see the FAQs page.

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