by Digital Balance on Nov 18th, 2016 in balance blog
why are corporates unhappy with their LMS?

Statistics have shown that when a company implements an LMS and robust learning strategies, it works.  Key performance indicators show increases in staff performance, and understanding, meaning that the justification for the LMS is still here.  


what needs improving

The main reason for over a quarter of companies being dissatisfied with their current LMS is a lack of features that will take the effectiveness of their LMS to the next level and keep their employees engaged in the required learning. Research tells us that current LMS’s are:


how can it be improved

Despite what the current LMS can do, there is still room for improvement to add more features to maintain engagement, interest and accessibility. Some key examples are big hitters in today’s socially driven climate:


what will this mean for the future of the LMS

Purchasing a LMS is a huge investment and something that a company will likely be using for a long time, so it stands to reason that if their current LMS isn’t meeting their expectations they’ll need to look elsewhere.

As company requirements, regulations and technology progress, there will no doubt be a need for the LMS to develop and meet these expectations in the future.

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