by Paul Tebbatt on Sep 28th, 2016 in how to guides
the importance of user stories

What are user stories?

Within Agile Development user stories describe features of a system from a front end user perspective. 

Why use user stories?

User stories are extremely helpful for both a client and a developer. They allow a client to get a feel for how a system will work and specify exact features before development starts. For a developer they act as a great guide to building aspects of the system to ensure the system or feature meets the clients expectations.

When should user stories be written?

User stories are usually intially developed at close to the start of a project. This ensures that everyone knows what to expects from a system. However the are evolved as the project goes on, to allow for new feature or user roles.

How to write a user story

Example User Story

User stories can take different forms and do not have to work to a specific template, they just need to be presented in a way that is understandaable to all parties.

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