by Adrian Clarke on Dec 13th, 2017 in Top tens
db's top chocolates at Christmas
something to nibble on when the hunger kicks back in but you can't face another turkey and stuffing sandwich

Maltesers Box

You’ll find one of these in every stocking, and yes, it is completely acceptable to have these as a replacement for breakfast on Christmas morning, it’s Christmas for goodness sake!


Ferrero Rocher

Well-known for making an appearance this time of year, plus they themselves are wrapped like a little present! Although not a favourite of my own or those not keen on nuts, I can’t help but daydream of diving head first into that giant pyramid from the advert.


Selection Box

Big or small, these are a Christmas requirement. Although they may not last for longer than the day itself, who doesn’t love devouring their way through a selection box. Obviously starting with your favourites then making your way through to the less desired ones that you will probably offer as a trade for duplicates of the ones you just ate. Note: Christmas tip!


Lindt Maxi Ball

Misleading to the eye, what appears at first to be a giant ball of chocolate will later be revealed to contain smaller versions of what you had hoped. They still contain just as much chocolate collectively as expected, but I guess in the spirit of Christmas these do come with the option to be shareable.


Quality Street (Tin box)

With the origins dating back to the 19th Century, this classic Christmas sharer is a must for post-Christmas dinner munchies. A perfect accompaniment to the Queen's speech and something to nibble on when the hunger kicks back in but you can't face another turkey and stuffing sandwich. The Tin box has been specified here because we've all noticed in recent years that the plastic tub is significantly smaller than the tins used to be!


The Advent Calendar

A chocolate every day until Christmas day? Why not, it certainly gets you into the holiday frame of mind when it comes to your abandoning your diet. Some of these calendars have even been known to go all the way through to New Year's Day, now you're talking!

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