Induction eLearning Modules
Shop Direct
Nicky, Chris and their team have worked with us to create an engaging and innovative concept and story line that has helped bring these subjects to life.

the client:

With more than £1.7bn in annual sales, Shop Direct are proud to be the UK and Ireland’s leading multi-brand digital retailer, delivering 48 million products every year to four million customers. Shop Direct is one of the largest non-bank lenders in the UK. Their financial services business is made up of numerous specialist divisions, including insurance, underwriting, fraud prevention and operational risk.


the brief: 

Shop Direct wanted to re-develop the way that new-starters engaged with company induction content. They wanted to increase engagement with company policies and information through a more fun and interactive method and as a result increase the absorption of content company wide. Their existing PowerPoint modules had a strong corporate feel but at the same time felt dated and did not reflect the modern feel of the brand.


the solution: 

We created two eLearning modules to cover company induction. The first module (and the first to be seen by new employees) retained some of the corporate feel to give the user a sense of the brand but increased engagement by including a series of interactions throughoput. Varying the way that the user progressed through each module ensured that content was to be read and understood before moving on and therefore increased the amount of content absorbed by each employee.

The second module was driven by two characters (Johnny and Jane) to lead the user through the module. This module has a much less corporate feel and the two characters add a sense of humour to further increase the level of involvement with the user. This module covered the subjects of data protection and health and safety therefore it had to cover all legal requirements whilst being appealing to the user. We did this by including the important legal information in interactive formats and by breaking it down into coherent chunks. 


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