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the client:

Santander remained the largest bank in the eurozone in 2014, with attributable profit of 5.8 billion euros (+33%). It is the eleventh largest bank in the world in terms of market capitalisation: 88.041 billion euros. Santander UK now has £3.6 million 1|2|3 World cusomers.


the brief:

As a bank with global reach, Santander needed to make their currently paper based mentoring scheme more accessible and more efficient. There was a real need to engage users and increase sign-ups for both mentee and mentor roles. Feedback on their previous paper based system, was that it’s too difficult to get involved, and takes too long to be processed. Santander approached  Digital Balance to design and deliver a world class solution to this problem.


the solution:

We created a web application that worked across multiple devices, ranging from corporate machines running IE8 to smartphones. The solution included a SSO (single sign-on) solution, and 1 simple form to register to become either a mentee or mentor, on submission the user was enrolled. Santander could then match mentees to mentors by taking advantage of the advanced matching algorithm, which would offer recommendations for relationships. This streamlined the previous paper-based system in to a quick and easy-to-use process and boosted the number of mentor and mentee sign-ups. The system also provides metrics and enrollments sign-ups, requested mentoring competencies, so that Santander can address gaps/interest in skills and competencies through the business.


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