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company details

Digital Balance LTD Registered office: 55 Duke Street, Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent, England, ST4 3NR Company No. 08561394.

public liability

Digital Balance is covered by a public liability insurance policy.

proposals, Statements of Work and quotations

All proposals, statements of works (SOW) and quotes should be treated as confidential and remain the property of Digital Balance at all times. Proposals and pricing supplied by Digital Balance are valid for 30 days from the date issued.

invoicing and VAT

Digital Balance will agree a payment schedule for work prior to any work commencing on a project. In some cases a project mobilization may be charged at the start of a project, this will be agreed with the customer during scoping.

Digital Balance is a VAT registered LTD company and all invoices are subject to VAT. Our registered VAT number: 165 1864 93

late payment of invoices

Late payments will be assessed on a case by case bases. However, if payment of a due invoice is not settled within 10 working days after its due date digital Balance has the right to put all project activity on hold. If payment is still not made after a further 5 working days Digital Balance has the right to remove the service/project being supplied on until the payment is resolved.

ownership of completed work

Digital Balance retain ownership of all code, eLearn package content and all project related assets it creates for a client until final and full payment has been received. Ownership of content for the delivered work then falls to the customer.

data protection and confidentiality

Digital Balance will fully comply with all the requirements of the latest Data Protection Legislation. Any non disclosure agreements (NDA) that need to be completed by Digital Balance should be sent to one of the directors prior to project kick off.

project managment

All project timescales will be confirmed with a client prior to any work commencing. The project and its milestones will then be tracked through either the Digital Balance 24/7 support ticketing system or the Digital Balance client portal, clients will be given access to these systems once a project commences. Should the project encounter any delays, for whatever reason, Digital Balance will inform the customer as soon as possible, any delays to the project that are due to the end customer are out of the control of Digital Balance. Any large delays to a project caused by the customer could be subject to additional cost, these instances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

project process

The process a project follows from start to finish can be seen outlined inside Digital Balance SOW documentation. This process includes, scope, design, sign off on design and solution by the customer, build, testing, deployment to UAT, review and sign off, deployment to live. Testing is completed on the devices/OS version agreed at project scope with a customer. Any devices or OS updates outside of this scope that require further development/testing could be subject to additional cost. These instances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Once a project has been signed off by a customer and released, Digital Balance will offer assistance and support for 10 working days. If the customer has chosen not to take a support contract past the 10 day period any changes or support could be subject to charges.


If required by a customer for either technical or project ease, Digital Balance can provide hosting for a solution on managed cloud servers. The scope, set up, recurring cost and service level agreements (SLA) will be confirmed with the customer at project scoping stage. Digital Balance shall not be responsible for issues relating to hosting once a project is handed over and launched if the customer hosts the solution internally.


Digital Balance reserve the right to refuse to supply a service or terminate a contract should they need to. A customer may terminate the relationship with Digital Balance by giving one month notice. All payments outstanding must be settled in the 1 month time period and then a full project handover will take place with the customer.


For any addtional detail or questions on any of the above please contact us on [email protected] or speak to one of the team working on your project.

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